Monday, June 28, 2010

Boer goats for sale!

Our most productive doe, Zoey, gave us a set of triplets in March--Samson, Gideon, and Deborah. The bucklings are ready to go to a new home, and though we are planning on keeping Deborah, I included a picture of our beautiful little doeling too! Both boys are great looking bucks but Gideon is exceptional (he is the one with the white spot on his nose). These are registerable full-blood boers with good pedigrees.

Galahad was born 6/20/10 to a first-time mother. We are offering him as a bottle baby. His mother is a persentage doe but he is registerable. His dad has a great pedigree! He is super strong and loves people so would make a great pet!

Jacob is one of Zoey's twins from last year. He is turning into a beautiful buck! His pedigree is great and would make a great addition to any herd.

Pictures are Zoey with newborn triplets, Gideon, Deborah, Samson, Galahad, and Jacob. Call 636-745-8005 and ask for Janice or Rebecca if you are interested.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

As autumn approaches, we await new life at Sarver Acres.

Though summer is ending, we are still anticipating one more birthing. Our boer goats gave us 6 gorgeous kids that are thriving and growing daily. But our Great Pyrenees female Abby is due to give birth around September 29th. We are excited to meet these puppies. Abby and Badger are a beautiful pair with a strong instinct to protect their herd. We will be taking applications for adoption and will be carefully screening each applicant. Our AKC registered pups must go to good homes. We are asking $500 for each pup.

We also have 2 beautiful boer bucklings and an adult buck for sale. They are all ABGA registered with great pedigrees. We will sell individually or will package 2 or 3 together. We can provide you present and future herd sire. Nick is a 6-year-old buck that throws strong beautiful kids. His bloodlines are excellent. Jacob is a strong 4-month-old buckling with classic markings. His reddish brown head is well shaped and his body is strong and well defined. Prince Darius is a gorgeous 3+-month-old. He is the youngest but largest of the bucklings in the pasture. He has striking markings and a wonderful personality. He also has quite and eye for the does.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boer Goat Kids at Sarver Acres

Sarver Acres welcomed the birth of twin boer goat bucklings to Grace, one of our does. We await delivery of Zoey, Mercy, Cinderella, and Rhonda. Prince Charming is this year's proud sire. Prince Charming is an ABGA registered boer buck and these little guys are registerable. When be putting these two for sale when they are weaned. They will make great wethers or could be your next herd sire. We are taking reservations now.